Our History

Frank Marrone and Sons Plumbing Co. was established in October of 1973 by Frank Marrone, a 39 year old Union Plumber originally from Jersey City and his wife, Marilyn. Frank had two sons, Frank Jr. age 14 and Benjamin, age 4.

Frank worked out of his home in Arcadia for the first four years before, in 1977, leasing a building in El Monte for one year. It was in 1978 that Marrone Plumbing was incorporated and became Frank Marrone and Sons Inc. It was also the same year Frank purchased an industrial building on Lower Azusa Road in El Monte that is still its current location today.

Frank Jr. worked as a plumbers apprentice during the summer and weekends from the age of 14 until he graduated High School in 1977. After High School, he then worked as a Journeyman Plumber until moving into the office, in the mid 1980’s. There he took over scheduling of all field employees and layout.

Benjamin also worked as Plumbers Apprentice during the summer of his school years as well. Shortly after graduating High School in 1987, he worked as a Journeyman Plumber until the mid 1990’s where he was called into the office to take over scheduling and field layout.

In the early 1990’s, Frank stepped down and became less involved in the “Day to Day” business as Frank Jr. took on more responsibility. By 1998, Frank Jr. and Benjamin purchased Frank Marrone and Sons Inc. from their parents and have operated the business since.

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